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Shaastra is the annual technical festival of IIT Madras. At Shaastra, the brightest young minds in the country converge to experience an extraordinary line-up of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, competitions, and professional shows. The Summit is one of the flagship events of Shaastra.

We at Shaastra Summit, believe in bringing together budding engineers and technocrats of tomorrow to connect, collaborate, learn and showcase their ideas and innovations. We enable smooth and efficient interaction between its principal stakeholders spanning students, faculty, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Defence Tech Summit

From crude stone weapons to medieval cannons to modern tanks, missiles and satellites, defence technology has greatly evolved over the centuries. The field of defence continuously drives new innovations that have a significant impact on our lives. In the present times, cutting edge technology like AI, IoT and UAVs hold much promise for defence applications. Threats of terrorism and cyberwar also need to be addressed with tech-driven solutions. Against this backdrop, Shaastra presents the Defence Tech Summit to bring its participants up to speed on the latest in defence technology.
So what’s in store? Lectures from the best minds in the field, live demos, hands-on workshops, a defence expo showcasing tech from the Armed Forces, defence tech companies and startups, and competitions that will challenge the participants to go beyond their boundaries.

Summit gives you the opportunity to


Learn about the latest advancements in the field, first-hand from the pioneers. Enrich your knowledge and gain new perspectives.


Summit is the synapse between seasoned experts and fresh talent. Participate, forge new connections, and let those neurons fire.


Who doesn't like a little attention? Delegates get the opportunity to flaunt their skills at the Summit and who knows, maybe at a bigger stage.


Calling out to all innovative thinkers and problem solvers! Here is an opportunity to contribute to India’s defence technology.
A competition that urges participants to come up with tech-based solutions for problems in the field of defence.
This will be similar to the Rural Energy Challenge and Sports Analytics Hackathon conducted as part of previous Summits. Teams of 3-4 participants will work on problem statements in defence, along three tracks. The shortlisted teams will present their solutions at the Defence Tech Summit 2020. For more information please visit : (d2c site’s name)


  • The problem statements for DIC will be along three tracks, namely Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).
  • The challenge will be held in two rounds, an online prelims round and an onsite finals during Shaastra.
  • In the prelims, teams are expected to choose a track and send in a Proof Of Concept (POC) for their model.
  • The competition will culminate at Shaastra, with the finalists presenting their solutions at the Defence Tech Summit 2020.


Submissions open: 12th September 2019
Submissions close: 4th November 2019
Shortlisting finalists: 4th - 11th November 2019
Mentoring sessions start: 18th November 2019
Finals: 3rd January 2020 (Summit Day 1)




The problem statement for this track is based on Swarm Robotics. Swarm Robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems. It has several potential applications, especially in reconnaissance and rescue operations. The task is to design a swarm of small robotic ground vehicles working together using collaborative algorithms and mesh radio network, in a dynamic obstacle environment.

View Problem Statement (Robotics)


1st position: INR 2 lacs
2nd position: INR 1 lac
3rd position: INR 50, 000

Previous Editions

SportsTech Summit 2019

Advancements in technology have given us smart equipment, better analyses of athlete performance and greatly enhanced fan experience. In this context, Shaastra decided to venture into Sports Technology to bring its participants up to speed on the latest developments in this domain.We organised a Sports Analytics Hackathon and Sports for Mental Health Run as pre events to the summit.

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